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Correctional Nursing - Module 3

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Please take a moment to answer a few of these questions for me. I need the feedback for my online class. Thank you!

Is your infirmary generall busy or not? What are the problems with most of the inamtes admitted there?

Do you start IV's on inmates regularly?

Do you have inmates in your infirmary that have active TB?

Do you have a "reverse isolation" protocol in your infirmary?

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The infirmary load can vary greatly. We only have 6 beds, but have been known to put a another mattress on the floor, or have 2 in the one bed suicide room. If you only have one nurse with additional duties of sickcall/treatments and have someone needing real care, it can get pretty busy.

The iv thing comes and goes. For a while there will be a run of them, then maybe months without. Depends on the docs, depends on the patients. I've run TPN in that low tech old infirmary.

No active TB at our place. They go to another facility that has a negative pressure room.

Of course we have a reverse isolation protocol. There is no anteroom for good handwashing in and out (Our infirmary used to be a garage, I believe) but we stock a table with gowns, gloves, shoe covers, masks and the sink is just steps away. We do what we can with what we have.

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infirmary busy?

busy times for me are generally during sick call. we are a work camp, so most of the inmates are out working all day.

start iv's?

no. we are a work camp, so if they are this ill, they are transferred back to a location with 24/7 care.

do we house active tb?

no, they are housed elsewhere.

do you have a "reverse isolation" protocol in your infirmary?

we have the means to have one, if needed.

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