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Coronary care course



Does anyone know were I can take Coronary Care I and II in Toronto? iv'e checked George brown, Seneca and Humber- nothing there available... any ideas????


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Humber actually has an online CC1 course available for enrollment right now!

is that the one which starts on June? it's 430$ other colleges had it for 230$... am I wrong?

Niagara College has a distance course starting today for 249.52. Some other colleges are offering it too. Here's a link for OntarioLearn.com with a list of online nursing courses. It's alphabetical and the coronary ones are listed under 'R' for RN-Coronary Care (1 or 2).



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Try Centennial College

yes there is a course at health care professionals training starting in June, I think the week of the 11th

if this is a really new topic for you don't take in online

better in a class room