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I am looking for any Core Measures Auditors out there or anyone that is familiar with this type of data collection. I am an RN ASN who has been performing WAH Core Measure Auditing for the past four years. Due to many different variables, the auditors with our company have had their current workload reduced. I am at about half of my normal workload.

I am wondering:

1) Do you know of any companies that hire WAH Core Measures Auditors?

2) Maybe this is a good time to go back for more training. What would the natural progression from this job be? Doing this WAH for the last 4 ears, I have really been "on my own" so to speak, so I am not sure where to go next. Telehone Triage? Coding? BSN? MSN Infomatics? There is so much information to sort through, just trying to get another professional's advice.

I am also in a non compact state so that seems to have an influence for availability for telephonic positions.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I work for a company called Q-Centrix and do Core Measures abstraction as well as some Registry abstraction. You can apply on their website.


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Hi QTBabyNurse, BSN!

I've been leaving messages on a number I found online for Q-Centrix but no one ever answers and no operator is available to assist me. I recently submitted my resume to their job page for a Quality Information Specialist/Data Abstractor. I have previous experience with core measure abstraction and HEDIS reviews. Could you help with getting me in touch with someone in particular for an interview with Q-Centrix please?

Thanks a bunch,


P.S. Would I need a hard-wire connection or would wifi internet connection be acceptable if they provide VPN log in?