Cook Childrens Nurse Residency October 2018

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Hey guys,

Since the Cook Children's Nurse Residency applications for October 2018 opened yesterday, I thought I'd start this thread so we could talk about it here.

Application open April 9

Application close June 21

Interviews July 9-13

Selection July 23

Residency start October 1

Hey! I'm actually applying as well!

Awesome! What track?

The Medical Surgical track. What about you?

Me too. Good luck to you! Let's stay in touch on here as the dates get closer for interview.

Thanks, and same to you!

Will do as far as staying in touch!

do yall know how many graduate nurses they hire?

I read last October that 300 applied and they took 30. Not sure about how true that is, but they said they asked the recruiters after being hired.

I was looking into applying for this but am confused about the references portion. My clinical instructors would have to fill out their recommendation letter form, I couldn't just submit the letters of recommendation I already got from them?

Yep. They must fill out the form Cook Children's provides.

Hey guys! I am applying as well. Does anyone know someone that has been approved and gone through the residency?

I am applying as well so following this thread. I applied for the critical care track

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