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Conversation with my old time GP.


Yes my doc is not a PCP, he is not a family practice doc. He is in his 70s and he calls him self a General Practitioner, was supposed to retire last Jan. and changed his mind. I got to talk to him about H1N1 and want to discuss his attitudes with you guys. He says he feels some reluctance to give Tamiflu to otherwise healthy people when they come down with flu. He said it should be saved for people who have underlying health problems. He said if we spread it around as much as they are advising the next epidemic we will have nothing because of resistance. He also says that Tamiflu has side effects that may well be more problematic for healthy person than the flu. I told him that my understanding is that the CDC want everyone treated and treated in a timely matter. I was really somewhat taken back. He told me to come in and get my regular seasonal flu shot for sure. He said he will certainly give out the H1N1 vaccine when it comes to him but heaven knows when that will be. I am in my early 60s and strongly suspect that I had H1N1 when it came around in late 50s. I also strongly suspect I had Hong Kong flu so there is good chance I am not going to get H1N1. However, if I do start to get symptoms I am going to medifirst.

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