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I am a 40 year old Filipino male nurse who inadvertently lost my job. I was working in the Middle East with a good salary and hospital, sadly I got deported because police saw alcohol in my car that I bought to drink at home, without documents and now jobless. I tried applying to other countries but no employment agency will accept me. I'm prone to suicide because of my depression. Male nurse especially Filipino is highly discriminated in job opportunities unlike female nurse who even at 40 years and above still able to find a nursing job. Can you give me please advices where and how to start my life. And please don't tell me to pray coz I never forgotten God and never hurt anyone but God forgot about me and still punishing me now.

Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC. Has 33 years experience.

I would suggest checking out the world section found under the nurses tab above. You do not need an agency to get sorted and work abroad. What you need is time to pull things together and research what is needed to meet both registration and immigration/right to work for that country and go through the process. Moving to another country is not quick or easy but if you are determined then it can be done.

Just so you are aware countries are not bias on what sex you are but what experience you have to offer. Please see someone about your depression and get settled before going through the stressful process on applying to another country to work

Thank you so much silver dragon, indeed other countries such as the western and European countries are not bias at all however I have to be there, sadly going there is not a meet walk on the park. I am reviewing my work options but it's very hard coz I am still single and have no one to confide with that is why I opted to divulge myself in this social media hoping for a voice that will put my mind into perspective.