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Hello! I have been a school nurse in the Chicago suburbs for about 3 years. We are in a negotiation year and I've gotten together with the other nurses of the district (7 of us) and reviewed our contract. It is for the entire support staff and there is no part of it directly about nurses!

I was wondering if my fellow school nurses could share what is in your negotiating contract? there are some things we would like (stipends for work outside our job description, 5 more contract days for beginning of year paperwork, ect) and I'm looking for other ideas!

Thanks in advance!!


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I'd love some input. I have looked at contracts of other local school and almost NONE of them mention nurses specifically. And many districts have them so buried on their webpages it takes me 20-30 minutes to find!

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I wish I could add something, but our "contract" isn't very helpful. :(

One thing I saw in another district's contract, and thought it was fantastic, was this: If a student entering the district has any unusual medical issues or will need any procedures done during the school day, the school nurse has to be given the opportunity to be instructed in how to manage it prior to the student beginning school. I thought that was awesome, to make sure the school nurse is comfortable with whatever will be needed, beforehand.