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Question about contracts, I here from many travelers that you should sign with more than one company to more assignments. How long are these contracts 1, 2 years? Looking to start traveling after Jan and want to be as informed as possible before I get started. What happens if you want to get out of these contracts?


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The contracts are for the length of the assignment - 13, 17, 26 weeks or whatever.

The penalty for breaking a contract should be spelled out clearly in your contract - make sure that it is and that you understand it. It will usually be for at least the amount that the agency has put out for your housing costs (including furniture rental and utilities, not just rent) as well as any travel allotment, license reimbursement, etc. you have been given. There may also be further monetary penalties built in. You must know this prior to signing the contract. Also if you break a contract you will need to be out of the housing in 24-48 hours.