I have a question,I am a new grad nurse and they offer me 2 yrs contract in the hospital that I'm working ,so here's my question can I do part time to other hospital even though I have a contract and they pay for that contract?

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What does your contract say about that? If nothing is said in the contract ... then what is your employer's policy on that?

It all depends on what is written in the contract and what the policies of the institution are.


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When I was a new grad, there was a non-compete type clause however it was loosely followed and there was also mention that you could get approval from management for second jobs. Those who had second jobs were still bound by the same weekend/holiday requirements and no exemptions were made. They did strongly recommend new grads not take any other per diem positions due to the rigorous nature of the new grad residency, which required working day/night rotations in addition to classroom requirements.

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As a new grad my contract did not allow me to work another PRN or part time job.