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Hi all. I'm set to start my new school nurse job this fall, but a situation came up about my contract, and I'm not sure what I think about it. Would just like to get some other opinions.

I'm not sure how it is throughout the US, but in my school district (a large district in Texas), we need to sign a contract as part of the employment. I'm not due to sign for a couple of weeks so I haven't seen the contract, but I assume it speaks of compensation, working hours and dates, expectations, and such.

The communication I have received from HR is that my first date on contract will be Aug 15. However, I am needed to go in a week before that to be there for registration. That week is actually off-contract. I received a vague response from HR when I asked for clarification, and it seems to me that I won't actually be an official employee that first week.....though going to registration is required.

Compensation for that time, since not under contract, is addressed through the possibility of comp days later.

So, two issues.....actually being an employee, and compensation. Any thoughts? I myself am not sure what to think... Is this a glitchy district thing that I deal with, or does it bode poorly for long-term expectations and HR policies?


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I'm not sure how the laws go in Texas, but if they want to you start the week before they better include it in your contract. When I first started my job my first day was on the New Teacher Orientation Day which isn't a paid day (aka doesn't count toward the required 210 days I must work a year), but it was my start date. This year my start date will be the day after Orientation which is when everyone else comes back. However, I have my calendar to come in on Orientation Day to introduce myself to the new staff. My Supervisor approved it but it counts toward my 210 days so I'm getting paid coming on that day. You should talk with HR so they can be clear about your start date and if registration is mandatory, does it count toward your days to work per year listed on the contract.