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you can tell i'm a junior at this--i read my poll and it doesn't make since so here it is again--concerning contract settlement--we will receive 19% over the next 11months--10%now--5%jan02--4%jly02 start et top posted in first letter--poll is to show agree or disagree and then post reply--this is to give us an idea what's happening at the table around the nation--thanks

I don't know what your payscale is- I am a newer grad- as a GN I was making 17 an hour- the hospital just raised us to 19.60. BUT_ I also just passed my boards, I have 10 years experience as an LPN so they are paying me a two-year RN rate- At first I was quoted 21.16, but it will be more, I am not sure how much, 4.5% I think. That would be 22.11. How does that compare to your institution? I work for a large corporation, one of the larger companies in the metro- Detroit area.

Tammi--hope i'm following this correctly for a reply---step 1 will be 19.44 then 20.41 jan002,then 21.22 jly002---that's what was nice,the 19% over 11mon plus as i mentioned,we have a $4 noc diff--there's more if acls or pals,etc. i'll have to go to the salary/cost of living webb and compare your area to ours(oregon) We have 22 steps-so that helps. It would depend what step you started at. thanks for responding vjg

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