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Contract Penalty fee $30,000

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On 2/5/2019 at 5:37 PM, Goldenfox said:

Why do you really like this company? Think, for a moment, about why they would put that particular language (about the $30,000) in the contract? Is it for any other reason than to screw the unsuspecting  NP who accepts a job there then later figures out that the place sucks and decides to leave?   

Whenever you approach relationships of any sort with any employer always remember one thing---they are not your friend, so keep it professional and be discretely looking out for your own interests as much as they look out for theirs (and they are ALWAYS looking out for theirs).

Do not sign that contract. If the place was so wonderful that no one would want to leave after 3 months that language would not be in it. 

This company is part of the HRSA program, which means they will help me pay off my student loans.  Some of my family members are also patients there.  They seem to have a high retention rate.....but maybe for this same reason?  Maybe it’s too hard to quit.....

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