Contract offer withdrawn (my story)


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Well I just arrived home after a 4-hour drive. I was on my way to my new job, and had my contract in hand but had to fax it to my recruiter, signed, when I arrived in the first city enroute. I had packed up the car, make a million arrangements, and was on my way when my recruiter called with terrible news. The hospital that offered me a job withdrew their offer, stating they didn't feel I had enough postpartum experience based on my resume (the job was for an LDRP unit). It is true, the majority of my experience (6.5 years) is L&D/antepartum. But I was quite hurt and upset that they felt it was okay to make the offer, I accepted (verbally) and then just take it away. They did the same thing to another traveller, but didn't offer her the job first. They just said they would prefer her (and me) to have "more" pp experience.

In any case, I am still annoyed but it is what it is. I just wish the job market wasn't so bad! I will say that it sounds like this manager either a) is expecting Florence Nightingale, or b) maybe a friend or something needed the job so she "took it back". I have great references, so other than my not having extensive pp experience (I do have some) I cannot think of any other reason for her to withdraw the other. My recruiter and my friend's recruiter were shocked. I've been travelling for over a year.

The moral of the story - get it in writing! In my case, I think this may have been a blessing in disguise (although I'm still disappointed).:cry:

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I'm sorry that happened to you. I would be furious. I've heard some horror stories, so I don't even pack unless I have a signed contract. I try to always make sure that the contract specifies details (such as washer/dryer in apartment). Contracts are the same as nursing documentation "If it ain't documented it ain't done". Hope something else comes up quick for you.

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Unfortunately this happens all too often. Will keep my fingers crossed that you get an even better offer.

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