Continuing Education For Nursing Students Helpppp!!!!


I will be starting Level 4 of Nursing this September and I need to take continuin education that deals with health with at least 6-8 contact hours.

I'm located in NJ but willing to go to NY.

The problem is that I have called a few hospitals but they are only willing to let you register if you're already a nurse. However, this is a requirement that needs to be done before I graduate.

Can someone know some info in regards to this?

pls help


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Who has set this requirement for continuing education? Your school? If so, what do they recommend to meet the requirement?

I'm a bit confused by your question, since for students, college IS their continuing education!

Would Red Cross CPR and First Aid courses count?

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your state board of nursing will often have lists of continuing education providers that they can give you. the commercial providers often don't care if attendees are nurses or other healthcare professionals as long as they get paid their tuition. some of the online and home study providers were posted on this recent thread: - help! - 20 hours of ceu?

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