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I'm going to be graduating in 27 days...yayyyyy! And one of the things I've been hearing about alot is nursing CE credits. I'm not sure if I'm asking on the right forum, but i know a lot of RN's, and educators hang out here and I just wanted to know if I can get a clear understanding as what exactly are nursing CE credits and why do we need them. I know HOW to get them, but not the why.

I did do a quick search on allnurses but didn't find what I was looking for.


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Hi mystiqx, congrats on almost finishing your journey at BI. I applied to pbison for this fall and am waiting to see if they call me. I've been keeping busy reading old threads about people who applied before and ran into your postings. There were more applicants this year than in previous years- over 900 according to what a recent interviewee posted. Can you tell me how your overall experience was at the school? And do you know what the average nln scores and gpa were of the people who were accepted along with you when you attended? Or better yet the lowest nln score of anyone accepted when you were there? I have an nln composite of 128 and 90% all. The school just received all my transcripts last week, so I'm anxiously awaiting.... any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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