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Hello everyone. I wasn't too sure where to post this thread and figured to place it in the "general nursing discussion" board.

I am a recent new grad RN and met my boyfriend in nursing school (we happend to be nursing classmates and graduated together). We've been dating for over 8 months now and things have been great :heartbeat. I found it awesome to finally connect with someone that shares the same passion as I do in the medical field and that can be understanding with given situations :redpinkhe. We've recently hit a bump and this has to do with him relocating about an hour and a half away for a hospital's new grad program. I was so used to having him close by and seeing him often. I know that isn't much of a distance and we'll be busy with getting our feet wet in our careers (new grad orientations, clinicals, and training).

I've been in 2 long term relationships in the past, but this is my first where distance is playing a role. We both care for one another and want to see this through, but we understand that our relationship is still new and who knows where our career paths take us.

We are both still young and have alot going on with career being priority, but does anyone have any advice for keeping a relationship going when there is distance and time constraints involved???

For nurses dating other nurses, how do you make time for one another with hectic work schedules??

Thanks a bunch!!:)

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I believe you will treasure your time with your significant other even more, and the quality of your togetherness will improve. I also believe this challenge during this transitional phase of your life will either show you both that you should or should not be together in the long run.

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What timothy said!

If it makes you feel any better, my wife and I were courting while 1,500 miles apart. She was finishing med school and I was doing community work, and somehow we made it happen.

I must say, it is much better being married and in the same location! :D


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my fiance and i went through lvn school together and saw eachother ALL the time. so it was nice to have some "me time" when i could get it. when i went through RN school, that kept me extremely busy. now, i know we weren't miles away, but me being busy with school and him with his new job, we hardly had time for eachother. with all that said, COMMUNICATION! and no matter how busy the two of you get, a little "us time" always manages to find it's way in. and what's even more great, because the two of you are in the same profession, it's easier to understand what the other is going through. best wishes to the two of you! who knows, the two of you may become engaged like we did!


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My hubby and I used to work together. So we spent all day every day together for over a year. Then he got called away (military) and I added school to my fulltime job. It was quite the shock to my system. I was so busy that I was running in circles, but I hated the fact that we weren't together all the time anymore. Eventually I adjusted to it, but it took some time. One thing that we did was get cell phones so we could talk or text whenever we had a minute. You will be ok. Just keep yourself busy and try to set up the next time you will see him when you are together so you have that to look forward to whenever you are bummed out. Good luck!


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I just want to say that is soooo cute!!!

I would love to date another nurse!

Although I can't offer any advice, I completely agree with the other posters. You will probably really enjoy the time you do spend together and having someone who understands what your going through really helps.

Good luck!

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