continued education options...RN to BSN/MSN?


Hello everyone.

I will be graduating from an ADN program next month and am looking in to BSN/MSN programs for RNs who already have a bachelor's in another field. I've seen several bridge programs but wanted to find out which ones are better. I want an online degree option and would prefer not to have to take a ton of prerequisites (chemistry, stats, nutrition, etc). I want to work for 1-2 years before going back as well. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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I have researched this already pretty extensively so that I know what my options are for good quality affordable programs. I also have another bachelor's, so in my case, I will probably just go straight for the MSN whenever I go back. It really is individual. Figure out what you want to do after a few years of RN experience (since that might change with some experience), and then go back to school. You wouldn't want to go back to school too early only to figure out you would have liked to do something else.

University of Wyoming has an affordable online RN-BSN and RN-MSN programs (MSN is for education or leadership, I believe). More affordable.

Loyola University New Orleans has an MSN for people with previous bachelor's degrees (management blend program, but expensive).

Gonzaga also has an MSN for people with previous bachelor's in nursing education or leadership, but also pricey.

I believe University of Texas at Arlington has an affordable RN-BSN online program.

Pretty much, the direct MSN programs for people with bachelor's degrees are pricey. Education is just expensive; even the affordable options aren't cheap, but just need to balance how much you'll make your first year with an MSN with how much the school costs. That's what I'm doing, at least.

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If you are already an RN - a BS in another discipline will not gain you entry to an MSN program. You must earn a BSN first. Programs that advertise RN-to-MSN include a BSN somewhere in the middle. The MSN programs for persons with a BS in another discipline are entry to practice programs - NOT advanced practice programs.

Having said that, I have a BSN and MSN from Western Governors University and highly recommend it. It is accredited, affordable and 100% online. It also has the added benefit of being 100% asynchronous- which is you work nights or have any kind of life outside nursing is a godsend.

Good luck to you.