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I am an older (early 40s) FNP student with some health issues. Currently working part time while attending FNP school. My schools is completely self taught. We are given a text book, a syllabus, weekly assignments, osmosis and Picmonic videos to complete. No study group, no instructor guidance, etc. I have been scolded before for expecting more interaction and actual instructor-led learning. Like many NP students, I am teaching myself advanced pharm. duration of the each semester is 2 months. I got 83% on my midterm despite "studying hard". Apparently my strategies were ineffective given my midterm score. Now I am wondering if I should totally quit my job to dedicate more time to studying. I will be going per diem (one day a week) in 2.5 months. Should I risk $10,000 and quit or go per diem now? I sounds like a silly question but can use some advice. 

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Sounds like my school which was a full online program and my assumption is that yours is also? I would imagine most other online FNP programs have a similar teaching style. I have experience with distance learning classes beforehand and was completely fine with the teaching style which is why I chose my school.

If you're struggling in your classes and you feel that it's due to work, then maybe take time off work. 83% on a midterm seems fine to me, but if you want that A grade for every class then maybe you do need time off work.  Great thing about being a nurse is that a job will always be there, especially in the times we're living in now so I would not worry about work.

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