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Continue nursing study in the US

Julia D. Julia D. (New) New

Hey guys,

I am 35 year old nursing student (BSN program) from Germany and am currently finalizing my second year. My US husband, my kids and I will be returning to Texas next year. Now I am wondering if it would be possible to enter a nursing program and having my previous achievements acknowledged.

I already hold a bachelor and master degree in political science.

Does anyone have any experiences of recommendations? So far the schools' answers are very general and more suitable to US students.

Thank you for your feedback!



Specializes in NICU. Has 5 years experience.

Nursing classes will not transfer. Since you already have a BS and MS, your best choice would be an Accelerated BSN for people that already have a BS in a non-nursing field.

That sucks. All this work.... thank you.