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Continental Testing Service - questions?

hello everyone. I have problem with the payment method. I am from the Philippines, and I am applying for NCLEX-RN in Illinois. I was done filling up the form in the Continental Testing Service application, then at the last page where I was supposed to select the payment method the gray point was stuck in the submit application and pay through bank check, I want to pay through credit card but it cannot be selected. My father is the credit card holder, he is in Illinois right now. I used his credit card since the beginning of my application -- with CGFNS and Accurate Biometrics, there was no problem.

I emailed the CTS customer service for Registered Nurses and explained my dilemma, she asked me if I am applying in the US and I said I am in the Philippines right now but I am applying for the NCLEX-RN in Illinois, then she replied if you are using a Philippine address, you must send a cashier's check.

As I understand it, All international applicants cannot pay through credit card payment form and must send a bank check or money order instead?

I replied to the customer service again, but she hasn't replied yet. Please please feel free to comment. I haven't read any thread about this, or if there are out there I didn't find it. Other sites that present instructions for international nurses applying for NCLEX-RN in Illinois did not mention this problem and some stated that paying through credit card online is available.

Thank you!

Hi kingzen!

I have the same problem with you. How did you resolve it?

I wonder if demand draft from the bank is allowed?

I hope you can still reply.

Thank you!

Hi Darwin!

I sent the required documents to my father first, he is in Illinois. He then sent the documents I sent him to Continental Testing Service. He enclosed a check in it and a cover letter saying it is a payment for my NCLEX application.

About the demand draft, I'm not so sure. I'm not much acquainted with bank terminologies. But I went through Ma'am *** (CTS) emails to me a year ago, she specifically mentioned to pay by money order or certified check. If money order and money draft/bank draft/demand draft are the same or used interchangeably, then I guess the answer is yes.

Good luck Darwin.

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Hey kingzen, this is Kushboo here. How's is it going? I'm a reg Nurse, studied in Spain and currently working in the UK. Applied for the CGFNS and they have mailed me the report. Applied for the state of Illinois, but I'm currently lost on what's my next step really. I need to apply to continental testing, but I don't know how. And I know IDPRF is for the Illinois Board of Nursing, but they say I need to contact Continental testing first.

Can you help me please? I really look forward to hearing from you. I haven't done any other paperwork except from the CGFNS. Please guide me. Thank you!

kingzen, question. how did you fill up the continental testing, almost all of the questions are based on US schools and US licenses? im also in the philippines. please help me on how to properly fill those questions.

Hi everyone, I just wanna ask first if what is CONTINENTAL TESTING? I applied for NCLEX for Illinois also though I am still at credentialing point via CGFNS. I was asked by someone if I am done with continental testing and now I am here asking and begging you for enlightenment. Haha. I hope you could reach out to me soon. God Bless you po!


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