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Considering WGU: Questions about Practicum

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I am seriously considering WGU for my Masters in Nursing Leadership, however before I take the plunge, I am hoping to get some experiences in the practicum from other students. This is the only thing which I am nervous about. I work in a medical review office, and there are NO MSN educated nurses there. The preceptor has to be an MSN. My enrollment specialist said they can probably find a way to figure it out, but I don't want to commit to the school, get toward the end, and then get stuck. Has anyone had this happen, or something similar? Any advice?



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check with your local hospital education department. See if they could allow you to precept there with a MSN nurse

featherzRN, MSN

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I had the same problem when I was considering an MSN and was told a BSN or other 'stakeholder' (MD, etc) could be used, however I don't know for SURE that it would be acceptable. I ended up in the MBA program instead. WGU is actually pretty decent about working with a student on those kind of problems and thus far I've never seen anyone have to drop out due to no MSN at work.

The student advisor i have been talking to said they have run across this before and it can be figured out. It does seem like a really great program. I feel encouraged that you said no one dropped out due to no MSN At work, featherz. Thats what I was worried about...getting through most of the program and them getting stuck. Most of the schools i have spoken to require an MSN preceptor or clinicals outside the workplace.