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Considering Travel Nursing Job.....HELP!

by uahrn915 uahrn915 (New) New

My career is going up but the company is quickly sinking and have decided to do travel hospice nursing. There are so many companies out there and they all seem about the same on the surface. Please post what worked/didn't work for you in your travel experience in any position.

Jeff Hornbuckle, RN, BSN

Hey there Jeff.

Check out the travel nurse forum - I guess what you works for anyone in a company depends on what you want out of the company. You can call and talk to a recruiter without filling out all that tedious paperwork.

Jeff, I've been travel nursing for 2 years and it depends a lot on your recruiter, not just the company. Interview the companies / recruiters, talk to other travellers and see who they recommend, if they have a good recruiter go to that recruiter within that agency don't let them tell you that it isn't possible. If you like the company but not your recruiter ask for a new recruiter. For info on travel companies check out Delphi forum they have good info. I also found this website http://www.highwayhypodermics.com/travel_nursing_hospitals.htm which gives some info on the various companies out there.

I will tell you the benefits are minimal they can really suck if you get sick or have major dental work. The benefits are your housing is paid for and if you don't like a hospital you are only there for usually 13 weeks. You can change hospitals and yet stay in the same apartment if you like the area... it is a great way to see places and experience various parts of the country.


Depending on what you are looking out, my sister works for an agency, in Omaha and and they also have their office in st loius 10mins from kansas, she finally sticked to this one after working for 8 agencies, she paid off all her debt because they pay high too and she has option for schedule. some shift pays higher

Check this yourself.

She is a good employee so if you like it use her as a referee, you might get the job, they are pickie too because they pay higher and have quality staffs

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