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Considering Navy Nursing


Hi All,

I am considering becoming a Navy Nurse. I am outside the box: 39, finishing my BSN in December, no kids, not married, and everyone assumes I am much younger than I am until I start to talk. I feel I have a lot to give the Navy and I am called to serve, I have many good years ahead of me. I am concerned that they will not take me due to my age or lack of clinical experience. I want to go on to get my DNP (probably in Psych) and that is part of my motivating factor to join. I have painted a picture in my mind that being a Navy nurse would expose me to all kinds of experiences (trauma, ER, ICU, psych) that would take me years to acquire in civilian life. Is this accurate? What is it "really like" to be a navy nurse? I love to travel, so that is not an issue. The moral questions of regarding things like a hunger strike, I think I would be ok with. I just need some advice from people who have walked-the-walk. Thanks so much!

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Hi there! I made your post into its own thread. If you browse the forum a bit, you will probably find similar posts with answers. Welcome to allnurses!