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Considering BSN and MEPN program at UHM


Hi all!

I was wondering if any of you know anything about the MEPN program. I'm not sure if i stand a chance if my gpa isn't all that great. My stats are 3.26 cgpa and 3.6 or so on pre-req gpa. I will be graduating in the fall with a degree and hoping that my gpa will be 3.4 or so by the time i graduate. I started from a sad place 2.3 and brought it up to 3.26 so i'm really proud of how hard i worked to bring it up. I may also consider applying to the BSN program. I have tried to apply once but decided to just bring the gpa up and graduate with a bachelors in something and then try again. Once i graduate, i will have more time to study for the TEAS. I did pretty horrible on verbal section of the NLN so i'm hoping TEAS is a little bit easier. I was unable to apply to the program bc i could never get over a 50%tile and over on verbal section of NLN.

Would i have a chance in getting into either of the programs? I know my GPA isn't that great but i'm hoping i can get a good score on the TEAS to make it up. Also, would it be easier to get in if i graduated already? but in another degree. I've heard once that admissions are more lenient with students that have bachelor's degree. I'm hoping that's true. Please lmk what your stats are or if you know stats of the nursing students to see if i have a shot in nursing school in the future...

Hi jellyish,

thanks for your private message. Im unable to send anything to you through private message since I don't have enough posts. Send me your email address through private message and i can message you through that.