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Consequences for terminating contract early

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I signed on to a 3 month contract in the L.A. area. I have 2 months left to go. I have found that I can't afford it and with each passing day I go more into debt. In addition I hate my job. I feel unsafe because I am always so far behind. I don't know how the nurses on this floor keep up with so much paperwork. I am a nurse with 4 years experience and was quite confident in my previous job coming from ER. But I have heard the same comments from fellow per diem travellers so it's not just me. I also feel very alone, no support from fellow nurses or charge nurse when tings get out of control (every day). Everybody takes care of their 5 patients and thats it. I have a possibility of a job in a hospital recommended from my colleagues in Canada and will find out soon if it is an option. My question is what happens if I terminate my contract early? I pay for my own housing and my own med/dental. And as far as I can tell there is nothing in my contract. Is there anything I am missing? Can they keep my last paycheck? I hate being a quitter but if I stay I might lose my license or complete control of my finances. Please help!


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take your contract to a lawyer and make sure you are not on the hook for anything, there can be hidden fees. Check with the BBB and see if there are any complaints against your company. Talk to your recuriter and ask what would happen and see if that matches with your contract.

Best thing is to talk to others who use the same company and see if they have had the same experience.

I thought California had a mandated 4:1 ratio max.?


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There are some companies out there right now that are suing travelers. Please research this further before you procede. Also, does your company have a clinical liason? This would be the person you can discuss your concerns with. If you do have to cancel the contract for clinical issues, you would be best having things documented that you tried to have the issues resolved. There is a website http://www.pantravelers.org for the Professional Association of Nurse Travelers-they address contract issues related to travelers.


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Sounds like it's time to take some 'mental health'.....errr......sick call days.


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Sounds like it's time to take some 'mental health'.....errr......sick call days.

Problem is with travel nursing is that you do not generally get sick days or any PTO. No work, no pay and even deductions made from the housing stipend where you can owe money to the company if you do not work a scheduled shift.

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