Consents for Epidurals


I am a Labor and Delivery Nurse in a small rural hospital.

I am curious to how you do your consents.

Do you expect the labor and delivery nurse to have them signed before you get there?

Do you do a full PAR?

We have a few CRNA's and Docs that do absolutley NO PAR!! Basically it's sit up and bend over and hold still. I feel completely guilty having them sign a consent then.

What do you think?


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WE do get consents, and patients DO get a FULL and COMPLETE explanation of epidurals and their benefits and risks from our anethesiologists. They do a very good job in that department.


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I'm not sure what a PAR is, but I'll tell you what is done at the hospital I work for.

After the patient is admitted the CRNA's do a complete pre-anesthetic interview, as would be done before any type surgery. They discuss the procedure itself with risks and benefits and answer any of the patients questions prior to getting the anesthesia permit signed. During this time other anesthesia (SAB or GETA for C-section) is also discussed because the possibilities for them do exist.

Lab results (H/H, platelets, T&S) are also checked and placed on the chart.

Once the patients is ready for an epidural all the paperwork is done.

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