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Help me please. Does anyone have a seperate consent for blood signed with every new order?

If the 1st order is for 2 units...have consent signed and give 2 units. Next AM Dr writes order for another unit...same diagnosis...DO we need another consent???


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No...the consent is for all the blood you give.


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Same here. One consent for blood is good for this admission. You know, kind of a one for all deal? :D


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Thanks for confirming what I had hoped. We have a medical director that wanted a consent for every order. I think I will word the policy as: one consent for all blood administerd for the same diagnosis. Hopefully that will please both sides. thanks again!

at my facility, one consent is good for all of the units we may have to give. the same consent also works for ffp.


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When we order the release for blood on the computer at our facility, you may choose "Print Transfusion Consent" or "Consent Already Signed And On Chart." One consent covers all blood products the patient is to receive on that Admission.


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