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  1. My wife and I are considering relocation to the New Haven area from San Francisco. Like many of the other post out there I was wondering about salary ranges. I am currently an ED nurse with 2 yrs, any insight on hourly pay at YNH in the ED. Thanks
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  3. by   elkpark
    I don't know anything about ED pay, but I worked part-time at YNNH while I was in grad school and was very happy with them as an employer.
  4. by   Nursing4Sure
    I'm set to graduate in May 07 and YNNH is one of the hospitals I'm considering working for since I heard a lot of props about their ICU fellowship for GNs. As for salary, I'm not sure about the ER but ICU GN gets around $23-$24.
  5. by   EMTSNA
    I got hired for the New Graduate Internship Program in the ED at Yale. I'll start in July once I pass the NCLEX at $27.04 per hour.
  6. by   cast924
    How do you like the ED at Yale New Haven...I started as a new grad in Telemetry floor, but have always leaned toward trying the ED at one point....how is the orientation....do you get a lot of support...any information would be greatly appreciated!
  7. by   EMTSNA
    I love it, I will be off orientation in 4 weeks. There is always something really interesting coming through the door. At the same time, It gets so crazy sometimes. There is good orientation, but at this point I need to be able to run the team on my own. I am a great nurse, but sometimes there are just too many patient to provide as much care I would like to. Whenever I have a question there are always experienced nurses around to ask, so I'll never really be on my own.