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Okay, I know it's early, but Yale is my first choice, and I'm already terrified that I'm going to screw it up. My goal is New England (although I'm also applying to Pace because they have this... Read More

  1. by   eazye
    thanks so much, biddy, for taking the time to share your experience. it is incredibly helpful.
  2. by   Abby Normal
    I can only speak for myself, but some of the things that made me choose Yale over my other offers were:

    Yale only does graduate nursing education. We're not fighting for time with undergraduates or even a large group of Ph.Ds. GEPNs are what they specialize in.

    Yale University, overall, has the second largest endowment of any university in the country. It has a very major medical school, serious and well-equipped research facilities, various funds for research, travel, etc. It's not going to fall into our laps, and it may not be as generous as in years past, but there IS money there. Or at least money we can visit. Like a money zoo.

    The program will teach nursing, but it also prizes my liberal arts background and values writing. Some other programs made me feel like this was not important. It also requires a research project. This might seem like an annoying hurdle to a lot of people (it did the first time I heard it), but it's actually a really great opportunity.

    For what it's worth, I walked around and found a few cool little restaurants (including a vegetarian/vegan one that had tons of great looking homemade cakes!). I can make this work. If you really hate New Haven, after the first 1 1/2 years you can move a bit further out and just commute in for classes 1-2 days a week.

    Anyone who is smart enough to be accepted into any of these programs (and so many who are not!) is going to be a success no matter where they go. So there is really no bad decision.

    I just wish there were more aid money ...

    (I'd heard rumors there was millions written into the health care bill for advanced practice nursing education. Who knows if we'll ever see that!)
  3. by   shallowhorn
    When I applied to grad school I knew how much it would cost, but it wasn't until the reality of being accepted hit me that I've begun to consider how the cost will affect me. I used a loan repayment calculator today and wanted to cry. It seems like we will be making a good living in the future, but I am afraid of working solely to pay off debt. I'm aware of the loan forgiveness programs that are available but from what I've heard we really can't bank on those (specifically, NHSC) due to the sparsity of their disbursement.

    Is anybody in touch with a GEPN alumni that could shed light on their repayment experience? I'm in no way uncertain about what it is I want to do with my life, I'm just really scared about the costs associated with the most rapid route. Is anybody else in sticker shock?
  4. by   rowan630
    Shallowhorn--the answer is YES! I also knew the numbers when I was applying, but they seemed so large that they just floated out into the ether. Now that I am writing up a budget for my first year, I feel the impact of those big numbers! I am applying to NHSC, but like you said, funding seems to be allocated to only a few. (I think they say 1/11 applicants receive funding, but some of that funding goes to students who were already accepted and want to add a 3rd year.) Maybe there will be some new loan repayment programs in the coming years w/ the new healthcare bill. Here's to hoping!!
  5. by   javabean
    Is there a facebook group to join for Yale GEPN 2013?
  6. by   Silverdragon102
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  7. by   kc1987
    hi all-
    i've been looking at the thread for a while and finally decided to get a username! i was accepted into the gepn program for midwifery and verrrry excited about it! javabean, i don't think there is any sort of facebook group created yet, but i think it would be a great idea to make one, especially for posting messages once it comes time for people to start looking for roommates, etc.
    looking forward to meeting all of you in the fall!
  8. by   maxdog
    Do you think if we graduate from Yale that our children will get accepted to Yale also? just a random thought haha.
  9. by   javabean
    Hey guys, Has anyone received their financial aid letters yet?
  10. by   ooooladoula
    Not yet, but I did get the hard copy of my acceptance letter this weekend (I'm a west coaster).
  11. by   eazye
    they told me they are aiming to get the financial aid letters in the mail today or tomorrow.
  12. by   cookderosa
    A couple questions for those who got into the midwifery program. Did any of you have doula experience? What about your own birth experiences- did you use midwives? Lastly, are any of you certified as LLL leaders or childbirth educators or anything like that? I'm wondering what kinds of experiences both a)led you to midwifery and b) what a CNM student at Yale "look like" in terms of birth philosophy.
  13. by   maziemoo22
    Anybody get financial aid letters yet? I'm still waiting on mine and I live right in CT