Working your way thru school

  1. Hello all!! Working toward admission to NCC sometime in the not too distant future. I'm currently working retail management and will not be able to keep my current job if i get into nursing school. I do need to work and hopefully keep providing health insurance for my family. Anyone else in the same boat as me? Where/what do you do for work during nursing school? I don't want to give up my dream but I'm feeling like i won't have a choice. Thanks!
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  3. by   WCSU1987
    I do feel jaded that this State offers very kittle options for part time evening nursing programs.

    Could see if your work would allow you to work Friday through Sunday till your done with school. Also once you do get accepted in a program and finish the first semester could apply for a night time CNA position.
  4. by   hpaige413
    Thank you. Unfortunately my store isn't open Sundays most of the year. What I'm thinking is the spring before starting (waiting for acceptance) I could take the CNA course at Norwalk then apply for CNA positions if I get accepted. But is it possible to get a full time CNA position with benefits? That does exist, right? Hubby is Type 1 diabetic and I carry our health insurance so I really worry about losing insurance...
  5. by   WCSU1987
    Westchester has part time nursing programs I heard if willing to make the drive