Where are CT LPN volunteering opportunities?

  1. Hi Everyone:

    How do I locate possible volunteer situations? How many hours a week/month are required?

    I am an older nurse who holds a valid license from another state. Because that state is not my primary residence, I do not qualify for the Compact license.

    I have not worked as an active nurse for over three years so I took an approved LPN refresher course, did my clinicals at a nearby LTC/Rehab facility, and am awaiting taking the NCLEX-PN in December per the state requirements.

    Two days ago I called a Home Health Agency and was told that I would need at least one year of current experience to be considered. NONE of my previous experience counts!

    Since I reside in a building in which the rent is prorated by the income and have no dependants, I can afford to volunteer to get the year's experience needed although I would much rather work for pay. I realize that we are in tough economic times and it may be very hard to land a paying job at this time.

    I have experience as a unit secretary but want to volunteer as an LPN.

    Any thoughts or advice gratefully received.
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