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    At this point because of my financial situation I' am not going to be able to go for RN at this time. So I am considering going for LPN and then go back to school for my BSN once I am working as a LPN and hopefully apply for tuition reembusement if they offer it. What I would like to know is what would my responsibilities be working as an LPN in a nursing home? Also what would be the pay rate for an entry level LPN working in a nursing home? The LPN nursing program that I am hoping to get into is in August 2012. The application deadline to apply to the nursing program is April 2012. I want to attened A.I. Prince Tech. I meet all the academic requirements for the nursing program, but I still need to take the TEAS v Test. Is there anyone out there who has taken the TEAS test and/or have gone to prince tech? How was the test and what did you think about Prince tech? I am going to be sighning up Tommorrow to take the TEAS test I would like to take it in the middle of March. I want to give myself enough time to study. I am also planning to order the TEAS test bundle package which is $88.00.Has anyone ordered this packaged? How did you find it to be? Was it helpfull? I am looking forward to any and all responces.

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