1. Hi, trying to decide which program to go into. I can apply to Central. I can apply to Southern, but still have 3 prerequisites plus a language to take by next Spring. Could apply to WestConn but I have to not look into Southern since instead of Physics have to take Chem 1 and 2.

    I could apply for WCSU by the end of the year if I complete Chem 1.

    Researching WCSU and SCSU...WCSU seems more organized in how they arrange classes. Plus their Waterbury campus is literally 5 minutes away from where I live.

    Now SCSU says it only takes 4 semesters to complete their program. Where WCSU says it takes six, that's an extra year.

    I am not sure how Central is set up outside of prerequisites that are needed.

    Any insight to give into either of these programs?
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  3. by   ALC95
    Each has different pre requisite requirements. Both require a minimum cumulative gpa of 3.0, and they both factor ALL of a person's college credits everywhere. This is something some people tend to overlook, because it just isn't common.

    I can't speak for Central's program, but I know that Southern's is more competitive than the community college programs. Southern's grads are also recruited by Yale New Haven Health, Hartford Hospital, St Francis Hospital and St Mary's Hospital.

    I mentioned to you previously that 90%+ of graduates of Southern's 4- year program pass the NCLEX their first attempt. Central's 4-year program had some issues in 2014 and 2015 with the state of CT and first time pass rates.

    SCSU's program, once accepted in, is four semesters. But that's without their 11 pre requisite classes. Most freshman that declare as a pre nursing major who are accepted into the program in the spring of their sophomore year need 4 1/2 years total to finish their BSN.

    You should definitely set up an appointment to meet with the pre nursing advisor at Southern.
  4. by   WCSU1987
    I am not sure if I'll be able to apply to SCSU this year. Forgot I took Intro Chem last year for the CC programs and not Gen. So have to take Gen, Physics, and Inorganic Chem.

    For WCSU just have Gen Chem 1 and 2 left. Taking Gen 1 this fall with a Pre Calc class.

    Then Gen 2 and Chem the following Spring.

    Be able to apply as long as I can pass my classes this Spring and Fall to WCSU and CCSU. Also if I take Stats during the winter break could also apply to SCSU ACE program. Reached out to WCSU admission, but probably have to give them a call when I finish classes this Spring.