UConn CEIN/BS 2017

  1. Hi all,

    I saw a great thread from last year about UConn's 2016 CEIN/BS applicant pool and thought I'd start a new thread for applicants in the 2017 cycle.

    I applied for the January 31st deadline. Based on everything I read on last year's thread, I'm thinking I'll hear back anytime between the first week of March and the last week of April - trying to stay patient! I am still working on 2 prerequisite courses but they should be done at the end of March. We'll see how the outstanding courses may affect my decision date. Stamford is my first choice for campus since I currently live/work in NYC and it's not too far away from where I currently am.

    I'm excited to hear from anyone else applying to the program and what your application experience is like. Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   halestormr48
    Hey Glad you started a thread! I applied for the January deadline and also currently doing my last two prerequisites. My choice of campus is Storrs
  4. by   KO_27
    I too applied for the Jan 31st review. My first choice was Waterbury, second choice Storrs. I am also trying to remain patient, but I definitely rush towards the mailbox each day. I am taking my last prerequisite this semester to be finished in May.
    Good luck! Hopefully good news is coming for all of us.
  5. by   ucstudent517
    I'm applying the June review date with Waterbury as my first choice and Storrs as my second!
  6. by   HC92
    Hi there! Applied for the January deadline for Stamford admission. All prereqs are done. Racing to the mailbox myself each day. Good luck everyone!
  7. by   amw11007
    Just received my acceptance letter to the Storrs campus today! Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  8. by   HC92
    Congratulations AMW! Just a Stop and Shop flyer in my mailbox today
  9. by   halestormr48
    Congrats!! Did you have all your perquisites done?
  10. by   amw11007
    yup! I finished all my prereqs from a community college last semester
  11. by   KO_27
    Hi everyone! My rush to the mailbox finally paid off today. I received my acceptance letter for the Waterbury cohort! I am still shaking. Hopefully today is the day for everyone else still waiting Good luck!
  12. by   halestormr48
    just got my acceptance letter too for Storrs Goodluck to everyone!
  13. by   halestormr48
    KO_27 do u have to let them know by march 9th too? that's soo soon haha
  14. by   KO_27
    Quote from halestormr48
    KO_27 do u have to let them know by march 9th too? that's soo soon haha
    Congratulations! Yes March 9th. Seemed shocking at first glance, but I am all for getting this process underway