Transferring to CT, and want to finish nursing degree at CTCC.

  1. Hi, My husband I and are planning on relocating to Connecticut to be close to his family. I am currently trying to get into an LPN-RN bridge program here in Orlando, but it's difficult since there is only 1 school within an hour of where I live. I have been researching the program there and am a bit confused on a few things.

    From what I have read it looks like the classes they use to determine your GPA are classes taken in the last 5 years and classes that are co-requesites for the nursing program, is this correct? If you have already gone to LPN school do they use the grades from the program as well?

    I have already taken A&P I & II, Microbiology, English I & II, Sociology, Dev. Psych, Gen. Psych, Humanities. My A&P classes are about 15 years old and I am planning on retaking them this summer and fall so that they fall within the 5 year requirement. I took the TEAS and got a fair score (86). I also have my LPN license and am IV certified. I know that if do get accepted that I will join my cohort during their 3rd semester.

    Do you already have to have taken A&P II before sending in your application? I am also going to take Chemistry in the Fall since I have not taken it as of yet. I would like to be able to take it alone, but will take it along with A&P II if I have too

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    This document should have the info that you are looking for.