The VNA of Wallingford (Ct) Closing

  1. notice was given over a month ago. it's very sad to see a company which has been in business since 1919 closing after almost 100 years of service. it was a wonderful place to work - proof that a bunch of women could work together without being catty or causing each other problems.

    are vns in danger of closing elsewhere or was it mismanagement? who knows? a supervisor mentioned to me that the state reimburses $24/hr for cna care and the senior cna made $17+/hr the company made a profit of approx. $6.00. what do you do with $6.00?

    the government needs to invest in keeping people home for as long as they can be. our patients needed assistance to stay in their homes and benefited from being in a familiar environment close to family and friends. what is the future of home care?
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