The State Surveyors are Coming IN!

  1. Good morning. I need some advice. The facility where I am working at is due for a state inspection, we think that the state surveyors are coming in this week. I started working as a nurse in April '06 and have no experience with the state. What can I expect? I've been told they may watch me do a med pass, etc. Any advice would be soo helpful.
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  3. by   JennyBeans
    Im not sure of what you can expect as a nurse. I am an aide in a nursing home and the state came for 4 days. I was only there on one of those days (thank god, everybody said it was VERY stressful) and it was their last day. For the aides they ask questions, watch them give care (especially peri area care), watch them transfer. They take charts and make copies and look at them. They definately check for handwashing.. thats really all I know.. sorry I wasnt much help
  4. by   Nurse CT
    There are a couple things to remember when the state is in for Survey.

    1. Don't give them any information they don't ask for. Be short and sweet, they love when employees get friendly and keep talking.

    2. Don't ever say you don't know the answer. Its very common to say, "I will get back to you"

    They do observe medpasses, look through charts, and ask questions regarding care. State surveyors come in for annual survey with names of residents who they will look at. They get these residents from MDS's

    State surveyors will do whatever they can to find errors. Care plans better be followed, any interventions noted better be in place. Just stay calm and do what your supposed to. Many of the surveyors are nice, but their job is to find problems.

    If you over hear the surveyors talking about a specific resident/issue or looking at something bring it to the attention of the DNS, or Administrator.

    Just a couple helpful tips.
  5. by   dogwalker
    1. Wash your hands between patients or use etoh based gel frequently
    2. Don't lie to them
    3. Don't falsify records
    4. Don't embellish
    5. Do be honest and straightforward
    6. Do know your policies and procedures
    7. Try to relax and be yourself
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    LOCK YOUR MED CART when leaving it.