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Ok, this forum was very helpful to me when I was applying to school. It's time for me to give back. I'm going to attempt to share with you everything that I know. Please feel free to ask any... Read More

  1. by   Jeana18
    Coralg: As of right now, BHSN is only a diploma program. I enrolled with a Bachelor's in my hand already. If you attend BHSN, you can attend Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, CT to potentially receive an Associate's degree OR you can enroll in a bridge program to a BSN after you graduate from the program. Hope this helps, they have no switched over to a BSN program and probably won't for a little while.
  2. by   Jeana18
    Jkylie95; I think with those grades going into the program you should be absolutely fine. They are very selective but based on your grades I wouldn't worry. I am about to graduate from the program in April. I got an A+ in both A&P's and my college degree GPA was about a 3.4. They do look at more than just grades if you have that I would highlight it as well. Good luck with your application, if you are going to the open houses I will be at the Jan/Feb ones
  3. by   dior24
    Hey everyone! I just applied last Thursday "23rd". GPA 4.0. Teas V 69.. The Teas was a horrible exam...Not sure If I will get accepted with that.... Hopefully we will all get in and know soon!!!

    -- Does anyone know how long it takes to receive your username/password, after you sent the application??
  4. by   Jeana18
    The school doesn't give out information until right before classes when you are accepted, etc. I think it's because of hospital security and so forth. But be patient, all the information will come in with due time!
  5. by   coachremson
    I just applied as well and looking forward to the open house tomorrow. I must say that I have tried to get an appointment with an adviser there and have not gotten a return call or email. I know they have a lot going on right now but it does make me wonder.
  6. by   TrishaMalheiro
    i am currently going through the applications process now, but i am afraid of taking the teas test.. ( mostly bc i am horrible at math) what did you do to study for the teas? anything i can buy to help..?
  7. by   TrishaMalheiro
    Quote from cablefree
    Ok, this forum was very helpful to me when I was applying to school. It's time for me to give back. I'm going to attempt to share with you everything that I know. Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. BHSN had 500+ applications and accepts around 110 students.

    I applied to BHSN in October of 2010, I received an acceptance letter a few weeks later in November. I don't remember my exact TEAS score, it was in the high 70s. My grades for my pre-reqs were A's and a few B's. I had not taken either A&P class or microbiology. I made a point in my application that I was currently enrolled in those classes and I would have them completed before the start of BHSN.

    After you are accepted, you will get another letter sometime in the spring. This will tell you the date that you have to go to orientation. Orientation will be sometime in the summer. During this orientation, you will go to various stations: payment/financial aid, uniforms, scheduling, books, and admissions. At this time you will order your uniforms; white pants and a maroon top. Mostly everyone orders 2 sets of uniforms. The cost is around $135. You are to wear white closed toe no slip shoes (I'm a boy, so I don't care, the girls seems very disappointed that they couldn't wear those 'crocs' shoes with the holes in them) with your uniform. You can also wear a white shirt underneath if you please.

    During orientation, you are given the opportunity to order books for the first year, or you can take the book list and order them on your own. The cost of the package is around $500. If you are hard on cash, the most important books in my opinion are the drug book and the nursing care plan book. I have not used any other of my books, I've only studied from my notes and the outlines that are available for you to print out for each lecture.

    Other things that you need:
    • Stethoscope: They vary greatly in price. You might as well splurge and get a good one now, you will being using it for a long time after nursing school. I have a Littmann Cardiology III.
    • Penlight.
    • Audio recording device (optional). If you are an audio learner, then record the lectures.
    • Goggles/glasses: you will need these for certain procedures and for your OR rotation.
    • As I said before: white closed toe non-slip shoes.

    Nursing 101
    Starts in September and runs through the end of October. You will learn all of your basic nursing skills. You will have clinical your first week There will be 3 tests, non cumulative. There is also a medication math test, the grade is not averaged in to your final grade. You must score an 80% on the math, you will be given another opportunity to take the test if you score below 80%.

    Tuesday: 8:30 - 4:00 Lecture all day. You don't need to wear your uniform this day. Dress comfortably and dress in layers. The temperature in the lecture hall fluctuates alot!

    You will have one lab day, either Wednesday or Thursday. You will have the same day throughout nursing 101. The lab will be either in the morning or the afternoon and are usually only a couple hours long.

    If you have Wednesday lab, then you have Thursday Clinical. If you have Thursday lab, you will have Friday clinical. Your clinical group will be around 7 students and you will be assigned to one unit either at Bridgeport or at Griffin. The clinicals are short, usually ending around 1200 - 1230.

    During these clinicals you will bathe and ambulate your patient and make their beds.

    Nursing 102
    End of October to end of December.

    During this course, the schedule stays the same and you stay with the same clinical group. The clinical days start to get longer, but you get a 1/2 hour lunch. The longest clinical day ends around 2 if i remember correctly. There are 3 exams and the 3rd exam is cumulative.

    You will be assigned a patient the day before clinical, you must introduce yourself to your patient and do your research the night before.

    You will be assigned an extra day from 8 - 12 to go to a daycare center.

    You will have 2 weeks off for the holidays and return the first week of January.

    By the end of this course you will be able to give meds/injections and IV bag changes.

    Nursing 104
    January to middle of March (Spring break)
    There will be 3 exams and a final cumulative exam.

    There is another medication math test during this course.

    You will be assigned a new clinical group and hospital unit. The clinical sites are at Bridgeport Hospital, Griffin, or Yale.

    The schedule changes now. You will pick up another clinical day.

    Tuesday: 8:30 - 4 Lecture
    Wednesday: Lab (A few hours)
    Thursday: Clinical 730 - 230
    Friday: Clinical 730 - 230

    Besides your regular clinicals, you will also have 2 days of Jewish Home, 2 days of pediatrics, 1 operating room day, 1 Visiting Nurses day, and 1 School Nurse day. Some of these rotations may be scheduled on a Monday.

    By the end of Nursing 104, you will have 2 patients and be able to just about everything for them: meds, iv changes, iv piggybacks, injections, dressing changes, etc...

    Well, this is as far as I can go. I am currently in 104.

    Evening Program
    The evening program is partial and it is only for the first year. The evening students attend the Tuesday day lecture, but they have their labs/clinicals at night (after 5pm).

    Accelerated Program
    The accelerated program will allow you to graduate in December instead of May of the next year. You must forfeit your summer and attend school 5 days a week starting in the summer. You do not need to decide on this track until April/May before summer.


    Your final grade for each course must be a 75.
    74.9 = failure There have been about 8 students that have disappeared from the program after Nursing 102.

    There are several competencies throughout the program, they are pass/fail. You will have a second chance if you fail. Some examples are: Injections, Starting IV pump, sterile dressing, catheters, etc...

    All the instructors are excellent. Some have bad reputations, but I have not seen anything bad myself. They are all very knowledgeable and are there for you. Just come to clinical prepared and everything will be fine.

    I hope this has been helpful and please feel free to post any questions that you may have.

    do u have any advise on the teas test? like what to study or any material ..?
  8. by   Myoclonicjerk
    How I Passed the TEAS Exam

    Very good advice in the link above. BHSON does not weigh the TEAS Score too highly. They factor GPA and experience over TEAS.
  9. by   coachremson
    I did just buy the ATI tease study pack with the on-line TEAS V study package I'm not sure how much it helps but I will say I am much more comfortable with what will be asked of me. I also like the way it breaks down what to study so I can get better scores. I have until the 19th to prepare. I have not taken AP 1 yet (taking it in the summer) so I am behind on the science part but I'll study up and do my best. Good luck!
  10. by   BenjaminV
    I just finished the program. I'll be happy to let any of you know about my recent experiences at this school - as far as the TEAS goes If your TEAS scores are high, and your GPA from an undergrad degree or associates is not too great they will favor the TEAS. If your GPA is high from an undergrad or associates and your TEAS is okay (meaning not in the toilet) they will favor your GPA. If all you have is a High School Degree/GED and a GPA from prerequisite classes, they will 100% weigh heavily on the TEAS.
  11. by   dior24
    Benjamin im confused. I have my GED, and I have taken 18 classes at a community college with a GPA of 4.0. The Teas I got a 68.7, Your telling me that the school is going to weight my Teas 100% over everything else?
  12. by   Godizmydad21
    Hi. Thank you so much for the info. I am attending this September. I saw the part about the books. I am so extreamly tight on cash and this achool doesn't provide a way to charge books to financial aid. What do youbthink about renting books? I bought the dosage c calculation book. We have assigned reading in the Nursing in Today's World and Fundamentals of Nursing. Theses two are exspensive. I am very much an audio learner so do you think it better to invest in a recorder, and which one?

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