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  1. Hi, I am considering applying to Southern at the end of the year; depending if still on the waitlist for the community colleges.

    I have most of the prereqs done for the ACE program. Planning to take Stats, Lifespan, and Physics in the Fall of next year. If I do that I would only have Inorganic Chem left to take in the Spring of next year for the traditional program.

    Not sure if it changed last I checked can only apply to one or the other. Seems the ACE is more competitive with a smaller applicant pool, but what is evaluated for admission is different than the Traditional program.

    I don't have the most stellar GPA. From my previous degree had a low GPA, but believe my GPA now is just over a 3.1.

    So far in my Psych class have a B+, think it's College Algebra (Might be Intro. Algebra) an A, B- AP1, and a B in Chem. Have to go over my transcripts from WCSU to see what I have.

    My TEAS score is okay 73. Really struggled with AP and mostly AP2 on the TEAS. So probably going to retake the TEAS once I do complete AP2.

    My biggest concern with the ACE is course load and ability to maintain work.

    This may seem counter intuitive. However, I seem to do good in certain courses if it is crammed in. I struggle sometimes if taking heavy courses together. This Semester has been a great learning curve for me taking AP2 and Micro how to manage time for studying. So I am bit concerned I could set myself up for failure.

    The other issue is I need to make money, ha. There is no way around it I have to manage 24 hours. Feels with the traditional could possibly be easier to do. If I did the ACE I could finagle my work schedule around to work Friday through Sunday.

    If anyone in or has been through either of the programs how is the workload? Out of the 2 which offers more flexibility for work?

    Also seems taking 2 to 4 less classes with the ACE then the Traditional. Is there much of a cost difference?

    Appreciate any feedback or insight can give on these two program's.
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  3. by   ALC95
    Southern's ACE and 4-yr nursing programs are extremely competitive. Their nursing program is ranked among the top 10% in the country (nursing schools almanac) and their 4-yr NCLEX passing rate is consistently in the mid to upper 90s.

    They STRONGLY discourage working while in either program, as there is no flexibility. There's also clinical rotations and usually occur sometime between Thursday and Sunday. Workload in the 4-yr program is intense.

    They only accept a person's first TEAS score (exam6). 4-yr program uses a weighted average of 35-35-30; TEAS score, prenursing gpa (11 prenursing classes) and cumulative gpa. TEAS and prenursing gpas are weighted more than cumulative gpa. Didn't see that you mentioned above, but you'll need inorganic chem and statistics for Southern's 4-yr program.
  4. by   WCSU1987
    I appreciate the feedback. I was waitlisted from the ADN programs. So looking to apply to CCSU, Southern, and the Community Colleges again this year. Taking Stats, Physics, and Lifespan this Fall is the plan hopefully. Then Inorganic Chem in the Spring of next year.

    Hoping to get into at least one of those 4 programs and if not look into something else than nursing, ha.
  5. by   angelhearty15
    Hi, I am an ACE alumni. The program was very fast paced but doable. I had no choice but to work full time while completing the program. You begin classes in July all the way through August. You really have to want it to get through the program. I worked overnight so I was able to complete my schoolwork at work. Cost wise, I am not too sure but I believe I spent about 18-20 grand in total. The professors are wonderful and they do help you out a lot. My honest opinion, the first semester was difficult for me due to having to learn a new way of thinking. I almost failed the first semester. Nursing, you have to apply the information and think critically instead of memorizing information. I was used to memorizing so first semester was difficult. Down the line, when I got used to the teaching and learning style, it became manageable. There were stressful times when we'd have more than one exam in a day or multiple projects due. Everything boils down to time management. If you're not in a rush to graduate, go for two yrs to really learn the materials and do your best. All in all, the program is doable if you're committed. Hope this helped.

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