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  1. by   eerrmm
    yrienay - no, it's ok, I don't think they posted anyone's GPA online this year. Not sure why, but there's no need to worry about that.
  2. by   yrienay
    Thanks for letting me know. I was getting really worried after reading all of last years forums.
  3. by   saramisu
    jrsl- doesn't matter if you have a bachelors, they rank everything based on the mentioned criteria to make it "fair". It doesn't even matter if you have health care experience, they base it solely on grades and TEAS exam scores.

    Stef - 2 years is really long for an LPN program, but unfortunately, I think I have run out of the patience to wait, hahah. It took me 3.5 years to finish my pre-reqs (im sure im not the only one) so I am ready to do this, but that wouldn't be ideal at all. Have you considered accelerated programs as a back up plan? where did you apply?

    At the last information session I attended, the woman coordinating it said about 160 seats at CCC. I believe it is either the largest, or second largest.

    NGPAs never posted, i'm not sure why they've taken the entire thing down. I find it really strange. Wouldn't it save them time and money to allow us to check online?

    Aye. Well, we're down to the final week. Yikes.

    Good luck to all, it's been really, really helpful to have this forum. Keep the posts coming this week, I know i'll need them!
  4. by   motosteph
    So i was looking at the fall 2012 course listings on mycommnet and it shows that you can register for one of the two offered NUR* H101 INTRO TO NSG courses. The listings offer 63 and 62 seats for a grand total of 125 spots. I am willing to bet that is the applicant number nvcc is accepting. Oh boy.
  5. by   mssjez
    Capital is accepting about 160 Nursing students to begin in the fall. But they did have 400 applicants but who knows how many applicants didn't have all the requirements or had the bare minimum. I wonder if they removed the status updates from mycommnet because last year they had a mess up and acceptances got posted too soon by accident. My friend was speaking with a counselor at CCC and was told the letters would be mailed on Monday the 9th. So close and so far away! Good luck everyone!!
  6. by   nef203
    Hi All,

    Saramisu... i applied to northwestern cc in winsted... it is 16 mo and class is on tue, fri, sat.... I am praying I get in but there are only two spots.... I wish i applied ot Bridgeport hosp too but it is sort of late... as far as accelerated programs they are so expensive! i looked into quinippiac and southern has a program but it is super competitive.
  7. by   saramisu
    Whoa, only two spots at NWCC? I was considering it as my second choice, but I decided I wanted to have a summer break, although, now i'm kind of regretting not doing it, because what's one summer break when you can finish early.
  8. by   nef203
    [QUOTE=saramisu;6318944]Whoa, only two spots at NWCC? I was considering it as my second choice, but I decided I wanted to have a summer break, although, now i'm kind of regretting not doing it, because what's one summer break when you can finish early.[/QUOTE

    there are 32 spots! it goes jan 2013 - may of 2015 straight though. you do get two week breaks i think.... what was your first choice?
  9. by   saramisu
    my first choice was CCC because I live in the northeast corner, making any other commute nearly impossible. I would love it if Manchester or Asnuntuck were one of the 6, but Hartford isn't a bad drive at all for me. In any case, I'd be happy to get into any of them!!Anyone taking micro right now? I have an exam on the antibiotics tomorrow, can't wait to dump them, at least for the next few weeks. Just a random thought/diversion.
  10. by   allforthekidds
    I'm taking micro and it is getting a little more intense than I would like. I have a lab "quiz" Thursday on 5 labs we have done. Does your teacher put essay questions on your exams? Our last exam she decided to use some odd ball questions for our essay portion and needless to say, next class we were missing a few people. I'm so ready for this class to be over!! On a side note, we dissected a cat in A&P 2, it was cool and sad all at the same time.
  11. by   yrienay
    I have a dilemma. I just found out Im expecting a baby so if I get into the program Ill be like six months when it starts. Does Capital let people start in the Spring like defer them or something. I heard they do that when they have to take micro so they won't have to do nursing and micro at the same time. Do you think Ill be able to do that?
  12. by   mssjez
    I'm taking micro right now at CCC and I love it! The teacher is awesome! We just had an exam a couple weeks ago on DNA synthesis, enzymes, prions, etc. Now were getting into viruses! The teacher is great and relates what were learning to the health field since most of us have applied to one of the nursing schools. We don't have lab quizzes. We do have a lab practical at the end of the semester which includes aseptic technique and what reagents do what (gram stains), and what results of tests mean. We also have an unknown organism that we have to run tests on, figure out what it is, and write a report.
    @allforthekids - you dissected a cat!! I'm so jealous, all we've done are sheep hearts this semester. I liked dissecting the fetal pig in bio, but haven't done anything nearly as interesting in my A&P classes. I'm in A&P II right now and last lab, all we did was test urine... needless to say smelling urine for two hours gave me a headache
    @yrienay - Capital doesn't start in the spring, but I would meet with the counselor there and discuss your situation. He'd be able to give you the best advice and let you know what accommodations they can make. Good luck!
  13. by   saramisu
    @yrienay - Congratulations! As far as I last knew, I thought they staggered just a *few* people for the spring. When I was in A&P II last year, people went to the computer lab around this time to check their status, and one of my lab partners told me he got into Gateway (not waitlisted) for Spring '12. Would you be willing to commute to another school besides CCC? I think they are a lot more helpful once you're in, so I'm sure they could do something to accommodate you.My micro class is way more intense than I thought it would be. I'm doing well, but we have 4 lab quizzes, 2 practicals, 6 exams and 2 case studies. It's a good thing I'm really into the material though. I like it alot. I loved dissecting in AP I and II. The cat was hard during the first semester, but then it's a breeze, and soooo neat. Absolutely nothing bothers me at this point.I can't wait for the summer. If i get in to the program, I think I'm going to leave my position a month earlier than I had planned (July) so I can spend time with my husband, and get myself settled into part-time work. I would still give them 2 months notice, so I don't feel too too bad about it, but I will miss my job. BUT, on the same token, nursing has been a long time dream of mine, and I'm excited to start another chapter, take a risk, and go for it!