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  1. by   Marija2012
    "The CT-CCNP Nursing checklist will be off-line beginning on Friday, March 30th. Eligible applicants will be notified of admissions decisions by mail during the week of April 9th."
  2. by   saramisu
    I wonder why they take it offline, especially when they write a disclaimer to keep checking. Oh well. One more week-ish!
  3. by   nef203
    Quote from saramisu
    So I just logged onto my Commnet, and the option to check my status has disappeared. Uh-oh. Anyone else? Great, now IM TERRIFIED. :bowingpur

    Im glad to hear that mssjez, that's awesome!! Im sure it takes a huge weight off your shoulders.

    My back-up plan is either the state LPN program (apps are due 4-30) or CNA license and then RN program.

    Saramisu... do you know where i can find the info for the state lpn program? thanks! stef
  4. by   saramisu

    here you are stef. classes start in August. The application is due 4/26. hopefully that would give us enough time from when we hear in case it's needed. Its a little less than 2 years and cost slightly more than $10,000 total.
  5. by   saramisu
    Im sorry, it's due april 30th!
  6. by   jrsl7490
    hey i applied to this year as well and am extremely nervous! does anyone think that already having a bachelors will help in getting into one of the schools?
  7. by   nef203
    thanks saramisu! it looks good but being two years turns me off. i figure i am better off waiting another year ang doing right to rn.. thanks again for the info

    jrsl7490.. no, i dont think it will. it is 50% gpa last five years, 25% a and p 1 grade and 25% teas v score. then 75% is picked according to rank, 25% lottery. what school did you apply to?
  8. by   eerrmm
    Does anyone know how many seats Capital has available each year? I've heard/read wildly varying numbers from 48-160.
  9. by   nef203
    eermm- no... maybe check commnet and see how many seats are open in nur 101?
  10. by   eerrmm
    Unfortunately, Capital doesn't have the Fall 2012 schedule up yet on mycommnet. Maybe they will in a couple of days..
  11. by   ORnurseCT
    CCC 162
  12. by   yrienay
    Is it wierd that my GPA never showed up in the website. Im a transfer student from Goodwin and this is my first time applying to the CCC nursing program.
  13. by   eerrmm
    Thanks, studentnurseCT. That's good to know! Glad it's not only 40 something! : )