Process for acceptance to St. Vincent's

  1. I put in my application to St Vincent's College for the pre-nursing a week ago. I just recieved a letter stating that I needed to go take a placement test on math. I already have my English 101 and currently taking 102. I was wondering what is the process of getting accepted and what are the chances. I am so anxious to find out if I'm going to get accepted or not.
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  3. by   loveit25
    st v is a private school so u have a good chance of getting in. it is all about the money.good luck!!!!
  4. by   Adg74
    I believe they accept everyone as long as you have their basic requirements and don't mind shelling out the money.
  5. by   loveit25
    a friend of mine apply and she said it cost 32,000
  6. by   tnt714
    first of all, ANY school is expensive. that is just the way it is.. but 32,000 for pretty much the whole time your there is pretty good compared to some schools like QU that cost 30,000+ A YEAR. second, if you do not pass the math placement test there is a chance they will not accept you.... i had failed the math placement and was rejected. luckily i was in the process of completing mat137 at gwcc at the time i took the test so i was able to send them my transcript with the completed course and was then accepted. Besides that, you probably have a good chance of being accepted. But it is not being accepted that is the hard part, its staying in the program. The courses and work load is extremely difficult but it is an awesome school and you will get a great education. I wouldn't consider getting my degree any where else.
  7. by   workinmomRN2012
    Any school is expensive -correct, but St.V's is more expensive than the CC's. I took the MSA program @ St.V's about 2.5 years ago and it was $1800 then, now it's $3000- it's all about the money!!! After the MSA program I went on to take a&p 1 and 2, lifespan, religion, ethics, Nur101, Nur123 and Nur124 which I am currently taking. The common theme(s) at St.V's seem to be disorganization and instructors with ego's the size of bridgeport. I am 46 years old with some common sense and these instructors treat you like you are 10. I have heard from quite a few people that I used to be in some of my classes that have actually transferred to other institutions because of the instructors and the fact that they can change policy based on whim. My advise for people looking into St.V's would be to talk to everyone not just the people with good experiences but the people with not so good experiences as well, because you could become one of those people. Make sure to get everything in writing! Not all the instuctors were out for themselves, I can honestly say that Prof. * (I believe that we can't use names) she teaches A&P1 and 2, is probably the best Prof out of the bunch. She honestly wants to see you succeed and will bend over backwards to help you get to were you need to be and she lifts you up instead of dragging you down, excellent professor!!!
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  8. by   tnt714
    well of course, CC's are the cheapest .. thats why they are "CC's" .. when i attended gateway it cost me less than $5000 for the entire YEAR, including books, and i took 4 classes a semester!!!! BUT .. i personally believe the education is not as good as the one i am getting now, but that is personal opinion, and i am in no way saying that gateway doesnt provide a good education... and i THINK i know which professor you are talking about, and if it is the same one i am thinking of she is the BEST ... by far