Prince Tech LPN Program

  1. Hi all of you out there in nursing land. I am so excited because i recently got accepted into the prince tech lpn's program. I want to know if there is anyone here that went to that school or any of the LPN programs in CT. Also if there is anyone that recently graduated from the program and have any books for sale i would really appreciate it.:chuckle
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  3. by   HartfordSPN
    congrats. It is such a co-incidence i just recieved my acceptance letter today.
    i cant wait to start too.
    much love:heartbeat to you
  4. by   2ndcareerchange
    Congrats you guys!!

    Prince is probably the only one sending out acceptance letters... They extended the NET to June 7th, so results are still coming in from those..... I applied for Kaynor and have not heard a word. They told us (the director) she would send out letters either before her vacation or after which would be July. Honestly, she sounded like she takes her job WAY to seriously. You know the type, wants to Lord over you her knowledge and her power plays. I would rather go to a school in a more supportive environment, but cant be choosy for $1350 per semester. I'm taking API online this summer at Clovis... its CRAZY... my brain hurts, but I didnt want to take AP in LPN school to turn around and take it again when applying to nursing school. I plan on taking AP2 in the place of the LPN AP class... if the work load is not heavy. What is the schedule like? does anyone know?? They were so cryptic during open house, I didnt understand how many classes exactly are being required at one time.

    Right know I am summer school and only check the computer briefly, (guillt for not studying), but wanted to say Congrats!!! Keep us posted on your experience, after July I can really write like I want to...

  5. by   HartfordSPN
    regi i am here rooting for you, and by you taking those extra classes believe you me it is only gonna help and increase your chances of getting in. please think positive!!! i have a friend that applied to howell cheney tech satellite program in enfield and she just received her letter today in the mail. we both had previous college credits in math 137 and english 101 and to be honest i think they put in extra consideration if you already have those courses down packed. did you pay attention to state averages they were really low they were ranging from the upper 40's to the mid 50's.

    i studied really hard and my scores still were not all that. but like i said these college courses and resume i believed helped me tremendously.
    if you know anyone who is planning to apply for the 2010 class please pass on this info

    the director for the kaynor tech program should not be taking until july to send out acceptance letters even with the june 7th extended date. why put people through all this. i took my net on may 21,2008 which was 11 prior to the application deadline and i got my letter on june 12th

    please keep us posted on your progress.

  6. by   2ndcareerchange
    [quote=prospective2010lpn;2901642]you pay attention to state averages they were really low they were ranging from the upper 40's to the mid 50's.

    where did you see the state averages? i didnt see them. i do okay on the net, but i didnt have eng 101 or math 137, i am taking them now at clovis. actually i didnt test into math 137 which is funny since i took it like 20years ago at hcc. i passed with a "c", but failed a lot of other things, and just didnt want to open that door again. i want to start off fresh. i looked at the syllabus for nvcc and clovis and believe it or not, clovis's basic algebra 2 class is like more than half of the 137 at nvcc. i showed them the syllabus, but i doubt another school is going to admit they are not up to par. anyway, i have plenty of time to take 137 this summer or in the fall. you are right they do give special consideration for college credits taken. i will let you know if i get a letter this july (smile)

  7. by   HartfordSPN
    the state averages is on the right hand side of the paper. it gave you the state averages then it told you how many questions in each section you got incorrect and then it gave you your score. it's so funny that very few people noticed it. i guess we are all too anxious to see our own scores.
    i sent it an unofficial transcript in with my application i had a d in chemistry and like three w's (withdraws) in some other courses. the info session i went to at prince tech. the lady was saying that it did not matter how long ago you took the math or english as long as it is at an accredited school.
    [color=#00bfff]plus she was also saying that you will get extra consideration if you even sign up for the courses this summer.
    if you do get accepted and plan on applying for the pell grant please remember that you have untill the end of june to apply
    honestly i would suggest applying right now at least you can get your paperwork in.