new grad internships- st rays, ynh, nbgh

  1. I am thinking of applying to the new grad critical care internships at St Raphaels, Yale New Haven, and possibly New BRitain General. Can anyone comment about any of these programs. Internship quality? nursing culture? Any info would be great! Thanks!
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  3. by   NHavenRN
    I don't have any direct experience with any of these (no ICU for me, thanks!), but I have several friends who started as new grads in the MICU and CCU St Rays, and know of one person (more acquaintance than friend) who did the critical care internship at YNHH... my very general and uninformed ( ) impression is that YNHH offers more support and more classroom training, but that St Rays allows you to get to work more quickly and may offer more flexibility with hours (since those people I know are also enrolled in an ACNP program). hope that helps at least a little!
  4. by   EDSNA85
    I work in the ER at both HSR & YNHH. They offer great opprotunities. I will be graduating in MAY and i have it between both of them of which program is better. Yale has more resources and provides a lot of classroom ( from what i have herd) If u are interested in either places you can email me @ and i can give u contact infor for both recruters. good luck
  5. by   FNimuaeMae
    I work ICU at HSR, but was new to critical care when I first started there 2 years ago. I found them to be very supportive of new grads coming in, and they gave approx 12 weeks of orientation with a preceptor, put you through critical care classes and also do the ECCO program online. We'd love to have you....

  6. by   SarasotaRN2b
    I was looking at the websites for both St. Ray's and Yale, and one of the things that pulls me to St. Ray's is their nurseatient ratio which is 1:5 for general medicine. Can anyone tell me what the ratio is for Yale?