Math Req grade?

  1. I'm currently taking my pre-req's, but before i decided on nursing i din't pay too much attention to my grades...I'm taking some classes over again, but i've met my math requirement only i have a c+ in the class...Can I get into any program or school with a c+ in math or should i take the class over again?? I was hoping to go to St. Vincent's, if anyone has any advice i would be forever gratefull
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  3. by   LPNEMSCT
    I think that you should take the class over because St. Vincent's is very competitive and most people that get accepted have very high Gpa's. If you reatke the class and at least get a B, your chances of getting in will be much greater.
    I started out taking all my pre-req's to get into Bridgeport Hospital but they have a waiting list of about 2 years, (I'm not sure about St. Vincent's waiting list) but it seemed like it was taking forever and I wouldn't get in so I just started an LPN program at Bullard Havens so when I graduate I can bridge over to RN and the bridge programs don't have a wait.

    Good Luck in your studies.