Has anyone gone to Grad sessions of schools in CT

  1. Any one have checked out CT universities regarding NP programs in FNP, ANP or ACNP??? If so can I get a little info of any of the schools? I have only investigated one so far. Quinippiac and one big thing with the are no GRE, NO Thesis, and two, one credit coures in radiology and EKG. How about other schools?
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  3. by   newonboard
    No, why dont you check out websites of school like UCONN, YALE etc
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    thanks for replying but don't give you info like actually going to the school and finding out info. This is how I got info on Quinnipiac. I just figured if anyone has done this, it will same me a trip. Thanks
  5. by   JeffTheRN
    Quote from RN28MD
    [...] are no GRE, [...]
    Pardon my ignorance, but what is GRE?
  6. by   RN28MD
    It stands for Graduate Record Examinations. Is a standardized test that is an admissions requirement for many graduate schools. I look at it as an advance SAT. SAT measures all you know through High School and I believe the GRE test undergrad school stuff.
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    Thanks very much for your reply! Happy Holidays to you as well.