Goodwin College Point System - page 4

Hello. I am wondering if any current or recently graduated nurses from Goodwin College in CT can tell me how many points they had when they were accepted into the nursing program? I will be... Read More

  1. by   WCSU1987
    Is Goodwin worth considering if you haven't taken classes at their college? Seems can automatically obtain 7 points if you've taken 7 classes.

    Think my overall points outside of the TEAS is an 8.

    GPA is average 2.75 with my Bachelor's Degree and 3.1 with my science classes at NVCC.

    Have B- in AP1, C+ in AP2, B in Microbiology, B in Chemistry, and A in College Algebra. Also B+ in Intro to Psych. Taking Lifespan and Stats in the Spring.

    Took the TEAS twice a year ago scoring a 73. Taking it again in January hoping to get an 80 or higher is my goal.

    Appreciate the feedback.