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  1. Hello everyone...

    Just a question..Does anyone or has anyone attended Gateway CC nursing program???

    I just went to an information seminar last week and they totally discouraged me.

    I have been an LPN for 9 years and am currently an MDS Coordinator here in CT. I have always wanted to be an RN (since I was a little kid) however, choose and don't regret being a stay at home mom for 12 years.

    I have been taking pre-reqs to get into the RN program, however this seminar stated that you can forget working full-time if you want to do their program. I picked Gateway because 1) it's close to my home 2) evening classes 3) I liked where the clinicals would be.

    I have 2 kids in college and one to go shortly, and frankly in this age (2006) who doesn't work full-time. I left there and felt like a total failure and that everything that I had put into my pre-reqs was down the tubes.

    Has anyone done or is doing this program, and is working full-time really totally impossible?? I understand the program is Monday-Thursday 4p-10p and I could cut my hours down to maybe 32 during the week, or 24 and then 8 hours on the weekend.

    I am thinking about maybe doing the Excelsior route, however that weekend clinical just seems like a nightmare!!!!

    PLEASE...anybody.....give me your feedback and let me know what you think. I would really like to hear from people that have done an RN program and WORKED full or near to full time.

    They also said that they don't look at anybody with less than a 3.5 grade average. Is this true????
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  3. by   PsychGrad2BRN
    Hello MDSlady,

    I have also applied to Gateway Community College, and went to an information session back in May. I pretty much heard the same thing you did.

    I don't know about working while in the program. I mean, if they expect people not to work, then why have the program in the evening? Just some food for thought. I know some people on this board have worked full time while attending nursing school.

    I have heard that they do not look at people under 3.5 GPA; however, this is a WEIGHTED AVERAGE and they take more things into account than others. For instance, they look at your Chemistry, Math, and English grades, your total GPA within the past 5 years, and the number of courses you have taken towards the degree (co-reqs). That can be very different than the GPA you had upon college graduation if you have a degree already.

    St. Vincent's also has a program in the evening; however, it is very expensive. Where else are you applying?
  4. by   MDSlady
    Haven't applied to anywhere yet. Was just thinking about Gateway because it is an evening program, and close to my home. I kind of can see about working FULL time and taking the program being difficult. Classes Mon-Thurs 4p-10p. When would I do homework during the week other than the weekend? I work 7-3 and then would have the drive to be there by 4, so no time during the week.

    I am thinking about Excelsior and starting with Chancellor's for RN. What are you doing??
  5. by   NaomieRN
    Mslady, I think you should recheck the schedule. I know clinicals usually from 4-10pm, two evenings a week. I am not sure, it is 4-10pm 4 evenings straight.
    I am going to St Vincents, eventhough it is expensive. I just did not want to wait for 3 years to get to gateway. I probably can transfer to gateway and get in faster now that I completed nursing 101 with an A-.
  6. by   Ferrisk8
    I just passed my first semester at GWCC and I'm still working full time. I'm a heavy equipment operator and I work for big trash company (competely different industry). Don't worry too much about what they say. If you are LPN you don't have to take the first class of nursing (NSG111). You will do great in clinical as you already have the skills. Just take all the other classes before you start Nursing (A&P, Psy, ENG101, 102 etc..) We had several people still taking A&P and unfortunately 7 or 8 had to drop out. Good luck.
  7. by   PsychGrad2BRN
    Hello Ferrisk8,

    Good to hear that you are getting through Gateway's program while working full time. I've applied and need to sort out some things regarding courses transferred in to the program.

    Some questions:

    How do you like the program? Is it well organized? How much time do you spend studying? I have read that a common complaint of nursing students in general is that the exam questions do not reflect the lecture material. Is this the case at Gateway?

    Also, did you have all of your prereqs done when you applied, or were some still in progress?

  8. by   Ferrisk8
    I can't compare to other programs (this is the only one I've ever did), and yes, I do like the program. Instructors are very helpful. I spend every available minute reading books, visiting websites and doing NCLEX tests. No more time for family parties or soccer games. Luckily I have full support of my wife and kids. This is my last chance as I'm already past 40th Bday.
    The tests are diffrerent: questions relate more to the Nursing Process (way the nurse think) than to parts of it. Lectures are well organized and some of them are even entertaining (prof. Kessler).
    I did almost all prereqs before starting program. I'm doing one of them now during winter break and then will have only Micro and Creative Voice left.
  9. by   MDSlady
    WOW, am I glad to hear that. Maybe I won't totally be against Gateway. Again, close to my house. Is it true that it is really 4 nights a week from 4p-10p. If this is, how on earth do you do your homework and research.

    I too have full support from my family and am committed to doing this whether at Gateway or maybe Capital. PM me if you can so that I could get specifics from you.

    Thanks for the hope....

  10. by   PsychGrad2BRN
    Hello MDSLady,

    I have applied to Gateway for Fall 2007 admission also. I was looking at the nursing class schedule today. It is not 4-10 pm four nights per week. Starting in the second semester, the clinicals are 4-10 pm two nights per week; there are two hour classes the other two nights, and a two hour lab one night per week. The lab is typically on a non-clinical night, after one of the classes.

    Hope this helps!
  11. by   stevesf
    The short answer to this is that the school wants you to succeed, and feel that distractions like work can compromise that goal, unless you are very motivated and have complete support from home. They are still a young program, and the first-time NCLEX pass rates are an important metric. Don't hold that against them, since this is a very good program, without a lot of the nonsense I've heard about at some other programs. By and large, all the CT commmunity college programs are very good - I've heard excellent things about Norwalk CC (GCC "grew" out fo the this program) and Naugatuck Valley CC. The faculty at GCC are very good, and will help you to succeed, if you pay attention and allow them to do so.

    I am one of the few who does work full time, but I have no children at home, and I welcome the challenge of school.

    Clinicals are usually from 1600-2300, Wed and Thurs, except the first semester, which LPN's are not required to attend. There are also several experiences per semester that require daytime attendance - I pick and choose among these, since I can't afford to miss too much work.

    All I can say is that so far, it works OK for me, but I have little in the way of social life!

    Because of the increasing demand for seats in this program, they do not have to consider any criteria other than GPA, yet. I can't say whether 3.5 is the cut-off, or not. I also found the info session very unhelpful, but persevered anyway. Unfortunately, many people who found the pre-reqs easy may not do so well in nursing courses where you have to apply more than book knowledge. Exam questions are rarely based on rote memorization of facts in books - it's all about the critical thinking necessary to the nursing process.

    Most of out LPN's are very good nurses, and we look to them as leaders.

    I hope this helps,

  12. by   MDSlady
    Thanks for the encouragement....I am again registered for 2 more pre-req classes at Middlesex and will hopefully apply to Gateway in 2008. I am going to continue with this and hopefully make it...

    Thanks again, and keep in touch with how it is going. Best of luck to you!!! :roll