Does Anyone Know?

  1. Hello everybody Happy Holidays:

    I would like to know does anyone out there know about Goodwin college and/or Saint Joseph college Nursing program? I applied to Goodwin College and I was accepted. I am also in the process of applying to Saint Joseph College. I know that Goodwin college is a two year private college, in which I would recieve my Associates Degree Nursing. I just want to know what you think about their nursing program? I know that Saint Joseph is a four year private college and I would recieve my Bachelores Degree Nursing. I would like to know what any of you think about their program? I have been looking for a post about Saint Joseph college and I haven't seen one. I would please like to hear from anyone who knows anything about the two programs.

    I thank you for your time

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  3. by   scrapbookingmom2
    Goodwin College program is getting better from when it first started. It definitely isn't as good as St. Jo's (they probably have the best program in the state) but in the big picture in nursing, it won't matter once you are out there working and getting experience.

    A couple of considerations: If you are really young, maybe St Joseph's would be a great school for you. You can get out with a Bachelor's and still be young when starting your career. If you are in your middle 20's or older, I'd go with the 2 year degree just to get done and get your job.

    The other thought is, if you get accepted to both schools, what will the cost be? Maybe one of the schools will offer you alot more financial aid and that will make the difference.

    Bottom line is, one school is a little better than the other, but your learning will really be once you become a nurse and start working.