Ct-ccnp 2018-2019 application

  1. Just wanted to start a thread for CT CC 2018-2019 Applicants.
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  3. by   TS24
    I had a a question regarding the nursing GPA. Is Bio 101 counted towards that? It is not on the nursing pre reqs list but is a pre req to AP I. With BIO 101 by GPA is 3.4, without it is 3.6. 3.6 sounds better to me . Bio 101 just happens to be my worst grade of a B-.
  4. by   moproenca
    Hello, I think it does not count but i'm not 100% sure. I'm going to an info session on 11/01 and will ask. To which college are you applying to? I'm applying to NVCC.
  5. by   pmedina1216
    Hey guys. I've been lurking for a while and finally ready to apply to NVCC. I'm a little dissapointed at my TEAS today here's my stats

    Nursing GPA 3.77 [3.8?]

    What do you think...should I retake my teas or another class to boost up my gpa??
  6. by   moproenca
    Is it too late to get another A&P 1 class in? maybe at another college? If it is too late for A&P1 retake, I'd retake the TEAS. Then I'd retake sociology/lifespan/eng 101/communications requirement or any other class that's offered during winter if you got anything less than an A. By the way I have no clue if your stats are good or not, but better safe than sorry. Just for comparison, my Nursing GPA is 3.85, A&P1 A, Teas 87.3%, and we dont know how good/bad all other candidates are.
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  7. by   moproenca
    I went to the info session at NVCC danbury campus. It was not useful as far as the application process goes, not actual information about the details of the process/grades/pre reqs because the person running it was one of the nursing instructors on the program. It was great that we got to ask a few program specific questions regarding after acceptance but for people that were just starting to learn about the program it was definitely not useful. I also went to an info session a few months ago at Gateway and it was very detailed on the application part of the process.